WakiZoids: Miner

You control an automated fleet that mines rocks for you. Build your fleet up, but beware the aliens who might take exception to your mining.

You also lost your cat, so you need to find her, she's adrift in space.

The arrow keys move or rotate your ship, as does WASD

  • 0 selects short range scanner
  • 1 selects medium range scanner
  • 2 selects long range scanner
  • 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 filters various items
  • 0 cancels the filter
  • J engages jump engines - select destination
  • T engages trading - buy new ships for you fleet

This is a submission for Godot Wild Jam IV


wakizoids-miner-linux.zip 15 MB
wakizoids-miner-mac.zip 15 MB
wakizoids-miner-windows.zip 12 MB

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