A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Safe Space" is a submission for the "Rainbow Jam 2018", theme Safe Space.

A safe space is a place you can stay where you're safe. Nothing will hurt or damage you. At the same time... you won't experience life, you won't grow. If you step out of your safe space, yes, you can be hurt but you can experience things that are good. In this game anything green or white is good for you, anything red is bad.

If you see a blue symbol, it's your potential partner. It will make everything go green for a while.

If you see a pulsating red skull... it's bad. It'll wipe your score and reduce your safe space. Do you avoid it... or do you confront it?

Install instructions

Download the version for Windows, Mac or Linux. I've only tested this on Windows.


safe-space-mac.zip 26 MB
safe-space-linux.zip 14 MB
safe-space-windows.zip 9 MB

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